Plotly week3 assignments

02 Septebmer 2018

First Slide

Create a web page presentation using R Markdown that features a plot created with Plotly. Host your webpage on either GitHub Pages, RPubs, or NeoCities. Your webpage must contain the date that you created the document, and it must contain a plot created with Plotly. We would love to see you show off your creativity!

Creation Indian state wise population graph as counted on cencus 2011. help URL :

  • Take the count from website and make one csv
  • Use graph to plot the same.

Slide With Code


statedata <- read.csv("indiastatesPopulation.csv")

statename <- statedata[,1]

population <- statedata[,2]

p = plot_ly(x = statename,  y = population, mode = "markars")

Population Of Different States of India (Census 2011)